You know you play Palladium Fantasy too much when...

Created on: April 6, 2000

Just a little reminder, you can never have too much of anything, just a lack of sense of reality. (no offense to anyone, just a funny list, I'm even guilty of many of these)

  1. You begin sniffing for adventure in your local bar, and have begun calling waitresses "wenches", or bar maids.
  2. You bought that suit of armor, and you can't bring yourself to tell people that its only for show.
  3. You refer to modern things as their medieval equivalent. Such as naming store owners "Merchants" and political figures "Nobility"(as if).
  4. You never play a magic casting Dwarf in any other game system, and insist others do so the same.
  5. You can quote the Tristine Chronicles.
  6. ...You do on a regular basis.
  7. You have Kevin Siembieda on speed dial.
  8. You have visited all of the Palladium Fantasy web pages (all three of them) and wish there were less Rifts pages.
  9. You have converted Rifts to S.D.C. because you liked that system better.
  10. Have ever actively played out a sword fight or mock melee battle.
  11. You have ever played a good assassin or an evil Palladin.
  12. You have ever, for any reason, played a Vagabond.
  13. ...That Vagabond acheived any kind of greatness.
  14. You have the First, Revised, Second, and Hardcover editions of PFRPG.
  15. You plan on buying all the revised PF books with second edition rules even though you have the first edition ones.
  16. You plan on buying all the PF books with first edition rules even though you have the second edition ones.
  17. You have reconstructed your Risk board to accomodate playing the Wolfen Wars.
  18. You have ever as a charachter participated in a strange interracial relationship (i.e. Troglodyte/Dwarf, Sphinx/Succubus, Goblin/anything else).
  19. You bought Further Adventures in the Northern Wilderness, otherwise known as the pamphlet spawned from the booklet.
  20. You create magic items just so other greedy people can get surprised at the neat curse you made up.
  21. You stockpile Minor Rune Weapons from inbook quests.
  22. A Dwarven Weapon with +1 to strike and parry just doesn't interest you anymore.
  23. The main book just isn't enough.
  24. You think the system is tons better than any other! (HooHA!).
  25. You have never looked through your main book and said "hey, there's something I missed".
  26. Your combined experience from all of your charachters reaches upwards towards a billion!

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