Top things to say to enemies to get your pc killed quickly...

By: Steven Trustrum.

  1. (to cannibalistic dragon): if I were a lollipop, what flavor would I be?
  2. (to master vampire): I'd ask your orthodontist for a refund if I were you.
  3. (to necromancer): You know, there are easier ways to get dates other than raising them from the dead.
  4. (to Emperor Prosek): How they hangin' sweet cakes?
  5. (to psi-stalker): You know, with that bald head of yours, it is just incredible how much you resemble my penis.
  6. (to Lord Splynncrynth): Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I love calamari. Gobble, gobble.
  7. (to The Angel of Death): Awwwww, come on. I bet you wouldn't be such a grump if you got laid once in a while.
  8. (to Mechanoids): So you kill anything humanoid eh? Well it's a good thing I'm a tree!!! (Shhhhhhhhh...trees don't talk...)
  9. (to The Unholy): So you're the most vile and evil creature on Wormwood huh? So was I once, but then I grew up and got a REAL job.
  10. (to A.R.C.H.I.E.): This is your brain on drugs (then throw eggs at it)
  11. (to a band of Amazon warriors): So, are you chicks like lesbians or what?
  12. (to Lord Zeerstrun): Hey, were you one of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz??!
  13. (to a hatchling dragon): Aww, look at the cutesy little dwagon-wagon! Oh, he's so cute! What a cute liddle baby! Aww! Wanna play peekaboo?
  14. (to a burster): Hey, your fly's on fire.
  15. (to the cyber-horseman on page 112 of CB1): I can see your doodle!
  16. (to Doc Reid): (after putting in plastic vampire fangs): Ooh! I vant to suck your blood!
  17. (to a Juicer): Hey, if I killed you, dried out your skin, and then smoked it, would I get a really good high?
  18. (to a borg): Awesome! Are you, like, the super-duper-deluxe version Swiss Army knife? Lemme use your tiny magnifying glass!
  19. (to King Moloch): I think you just need a good hug.
  20. (to Thraxus): I'm from the IRS. By our records, you owe us... seven hundred trillion credits. Pay up now, or I'll repossess all your stuff.

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