Lines Said By Certain NPC Types Just Before They Kill You

  1. Cyberknights:
    • I mutilate and kill you in the name of all that is good!
    • Trust me, this hurts me far more than it does you.
    • So, you think psi-swords are wimpy now that the newer sourcebooks have come out eh?
  2. Vampires:
    • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...O negative, my fave!
    • You should have bought the 250 super soaker instead of only the 50.
    • Bite you? My pleasure...
  3. Mages:
    • Isn't Carpet of Adhesion a pain in the ass?
    • Let me show you this spell I invented, I call it "The Wedgie of Death"
  4. Cyborg:
    • This will teach you not to make fun of the fact that I no longer have genitalia
    • I'm ... CRUSHING YOUR HEAD! (ala "Kids In The Hall")
  5. Psi-Characters:
    • Yeah, yeah, you are such a big man in that Battleram Attack Robot (big ass bot in Phase World) ... here, let me introduce you to a little thing I call "telemechanics"
    • Ever see a golden-era video called "Scanners"?

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