Remember When?

  1. Remember when life was easy?
  2. Remember when life was fun?
  3. Remember when everything was balanced?
  4. Remember when the OCC's were varied and interesting?
  5. Remember when all the guns damage was about even?
  6. Remember when all the PA and Robots were evenly matched?
  7. Remember when only he Coalition was to fear?
  8. Remember when psionics did not branch into mind bleeders?
  9. Remember when magic did not branch into 50 million other things?
  10. Remember having only the Main Book?
  11. Remember when you bought a new book and there wasn't one thing reprinted?
  12. Remember when human characters were the norm, not the pitiful weaklings everyone shuns playing?
  13. Remember when you didn't have to write down a bunch of OCC special combat bonuses when making a character?
  14. Remember when skills were more important than those bonuses?
  15. Remember when your character could survive at least one maximum damage hit from almost any gun? (Boom gun excepted)
  16. Remember when the Ley Line Walker was the only one who actually had their special Ley Line powers? (Phasing, Rejuvenation, etc)
  17. Remember when you first fought and beat a dangerous Tri-Fang?
  18. Remember when the GB had lots more armor than anything else, period?
  19. Remember when you didn't need any attributes over 16?
  20. Remember when the Xiticix were the only real monsters, and you could actually go toe-to-toe with a small patrol and win?
  21. Remember when the PML was more than just people bitching about useless firearms junk?
  22. Remember when I actually had time to sit down and write stuff?

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