Hand to Hand: Ninjitshoe

At the request of Looney, I've included this new form of um, combat <G>.

This is a combination of Crow's Ninjitshoe stats and my descriptions.

During the first reign of the emperors of feudal Japan, the only people allowed to possess and use weapons were the Samurii. Peasant warrior clans were quickly created, their members were denied weapons, and so they turned to farming impiments and other common items which could be possessed without drawing suspicion on the owner, but could be deadly in combat. These were the Ninja. For centuries they practiced the arts of invisibility, and now their clans have returned.

And have once again been joined by the practitioners of Ninjitshoe, a limited parody art that focuses entirely on precision attacks with footwear. Masters of the art are extremely good at propelling their shoes at opponents, and some are even able to initiate Chi attacks through the launching of their sandals.

Attribute Requirements: None. Mental problems a definite plus though...

Skill Cost: 2 months, max.


+2 PP

+2 SP


  1. 2 Attacks per Melee, +2 to strike w/ shoe, +1 to dodge
  2. Critical Shoe Attack From Behind
  3. +1 Parry/Dodge, Select 1 Atemi Ability (Available via shoe only)
  4. Double Chi, +1 to strike w/shoe
  5. Special Kata: Weapons, Pick style of shoes
  6. +1 ApM, +1 dodge/parry, +1 strike w/shoes
  7. +2 Roll W/ Shoe
  8. +2 To Parry/Dodge
  9. Critical Strike on Natural Shoe throw of 18 or better
  10. +1 Strike w/ Shoe, +1 P/D, New Shoe Kata
  11. Death Blow (Steel Toed Shoes only)
  12. +1 Apm, +3 Roll W/ Shoe
  13. +1 Strike/Dodge/Parry, Add shoe kata
  14. +1 Parry/Dodge
  15. Double Existing Chi

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