Guidlines: Creating D-Bees and Intelliegnet Monsters

Poking a little fun at Palladium's D-Bees and Intelligent Monsters, although they don't seem so bad nowadays. This seemed to be true not so long ago though. I was suddenly inspired to write this.

  1. First, we need a reason to shoot these guys. It may be tired and cliche that they're evil, and bent on destroying/enslaving/conquering the planet for some obscure reason, but it works. Don't knock it.
  2. They must have higher attributes than humans, otherwise nobody will buy the book they're in to play one. Ideal attributes to increase are related to combat and include ME, PS, PP, and PE.
  3. It doesn't hurt to make them M.D.C. too.
  4. And don't forget to give them extra combat bonuses along with possible extra melee attacks, 'in addition to attributes and skill bonuses'.
  5. They need some natural abilities too. To start, pick out a few spells you like and let them do them 4 times per day at no PPE cost. Other things to give are regeneration and immunities, such as to fire, cold, mind control, and normal weapons.
  6. Consider giving them psionic powers. If given, ISP should at least equal that of a Mind Melter, or not be less than 100. Powers should include at least two super psionics.
  7. If technologically advanced, be sure they have weapons that do more damage and have better range than humans'. Try and throw in some robot vehicles and power armor, remembering more M.D.C., and better weapons systems.
  8. If a spellcaster, PPE should be a minimum of 100 because even a crappy first level human Line Walker has the possibility of having 100 PPE if they get lucky. Consider giving +50 to the PPE roll to ensure they have more than a first level human Line Walker possibly could. Upper limit should be between 400 and 3000.
  9. Ambidexterity also adds an extra attack, because firing a rifle two-handed means they can switch sides, and shoot equally well, giving the extra attack.
  10. Remember extra limbs mean more attacks, so consider making them a centipede variation, that should give them about 20 attacks per melee.

Posted By: Hugh King

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