Answers to FlashFire's questions

This started as a statement by Looney followed by a series of questions that FlashFire posted to the Palladium Mailing List back in Nov. 1996. It's recreated here as a "dialog".

[Looney] Yep. Matter is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of particles. Particles make up energy. Magic particle make up magic atoms.

[FlashFire] So does a normal particle accelerator affect Magic particles?

[Mad Dog] No.

[FlashFire] Okay

[FlashFire] Could you fire magic particles from a normal accelerator and have that affect magic atoms, or would you need a magic particle accelerator?

[Mad Dog] No, you would need a magic particle accelerator.

[FlashFire] Why?

[FlashFire] What would happen if you used a magic particle accelerator on, say, an Impenetrable Wall of Force or a Rift?

[Mad Dog] Big problems

[FlashFire] Like? Would magic particles interact with the spell or Rift and change the end effects? The Rift could switch and lead to another dimension or the Wall could change into a Blinding Flash spell...

[FlashFire] If there are magic particles, then are there anti-magic particles?

[Mad Dog] Yes Magic Physics 101 states that for every magic particle there is an anti-magic particle and whenever the two meet you get a rift.

[FlashFire] <snicker> I musta slept through that class...

[FlashFire] What's the difference between a portable particle accelerator and a Particle Beam Rifle?

[Mad Dog] Never seen a portable particle accelerator (they're too damn big). Oh, wait a minute. A protable particle accelerator would be a Particle Beam weapon. DOH.

[FlashFire] Hoorah! I win a point! <cheering noises> (I take 'em where I can get 'em... <g>)

[FlashFire] What happens when you drop a nuke on vampires?

[Mad Dog] They turn into mist and are "fried" into their componet atoms (wether magic or not).

[FlashFire] Ooooo... never heard that one before. Cool.

[FlashFire] How do "credits" work?

[Mad Dog] Well, we'll use an example. You give me $1,000,000 U.S. dollars and I'll give you credit for a new t-shirt that says "I paid a million for this shirt. I got such a good deal!"

[FlashFire] <snicker>

[FlashFire] Who wins between the CS and Tolkeen?

[Mad Dog] Whoever has bribed their supernatural allies the most.

[FlashFire] I guess that'd be Tolkeen then. The CS would probably try to bargain at gunpoint and well...

[FlashFire] What's better, Juicers or Crazies?

[Mad Dog] Why Juiced Crazies of course!

[FlashFire] <snicker>

[FlashFire] What's the difference between Psi-World and Psyscape?

[Mad Dog] Ones a whole planet the other is just a town/small nation.

[FlashFire] Which is which?

[FlashFire] Where's Waldo?

[Mad Dog] I saw him in my last game. He was hanging off of a cliff trying to beat Death.

[FlashFire] <double snicker>

[FlashFire] And what about Scarecrow's brain?

[Mad Dog] Which Scarecrow?

[FlashFire] Why, THE Scarecrow of course! Next thing you know, people'll start trying to tell me that the crayon is purple... BTW: Kudos to anyone who can figure out where that crayon reference comes from.

[FlashFire] What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

[Mad Dog] Whatever airspeed it wants to be. Unless of course he uses strap on rockets, in which case he is a streak of blood and feathers across the sky. On the other hand he could be a supernatural mutant, then I would have to say he can survive. Just don't ask me how he can breath. <G>

[FlashFire] Must... try... to resist... obvious... punchline... <g>

[FlashFire] Well, that started out relevant... I may be a fool, but I am a questioning fool. <g>

[Mad Dog] Hope I answered some of your questions. :)

[Mad Dog's Sig line] "It is better to remain silent and have others think you a fool, rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

[FlashFire] But either way, I'd still be a fool. And since other people's opinions have never meant much to me... <g>

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