Why the Aliens are Invading

  1. Colonization

    The aliens are seeking to build a colony on Earth. Reasons could be overpopulation, destruction of their own homeworld, etc. Earth does not necessarily have to be an ideal environment for the colonizers.

  2. Domination

    The alien psyche is basically insecure and they like to make themselves feel big by ruling over other species.

  3. Resources

    The aliens are only concerned with Earth's resources. Presumably this would include resources limited to inhabitated planets (eg. food sources, etc.)

  4. Testing Ground

    The aliens are using Earth as a practice planet in preparation for the real invasion elsewhere.

  5. Insulted

    The aliens were actually peaceful explorers until one or all of the Earth's nations launched orbital nukes at them. Now they're pissed...

  6. Just for Kicks

    "Hey, Balkizorg, I'm bored. Why don't we invade that planet over there?"

  7. To stage the biggest special effects movie in history
  8. Therapy

    The aliens are gradually weaning off invasions and are now doing short invasions of backwater worlds with plans of enventually moving on to unihabited asteroids...

  9. To win a scavenger Hunt

    (Hey.. do you have your M class planet yet?) or some other contest. (If you can conquer the Earth..... A brand, New, Imperial Star Destroyer!)

  10. Peace Keeping Mission
  11. Their asking for directions... the Hard way.
  12. Protection Racket.
  13. Their not really invading.... An advanced alien race is dumping their Garbag, and the Parasites which grow in it are tough.
  14. Whoops! Wrong Planet of Godless Heathens.. They missed the target of an interplanetary war by about 30 degrees 300 light-years ago.
  15. Keeps the Children busy (imagune the Prometheans).

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