The Top Ten Signs You Might Be Obsessed With Role-Playing

Here's a little humor I pulled out of my butt. Sorry if it seems derivative of other sources, but hey, I'm bored. I also apologize for having to go outside of Palladium sources to get these, but I know you guys have interest in some other games, too. It's also scary how many of these apply to me...

10. You frequently use expressions such as "munchkin" or "D20" in normal conversation.

 9. You know the name and abilities of every character class for Rifts and Nightbane and can instantly tell someone the book they are in and the page number, but have trouble remembering your kid's/wife's/girlfriend's/boyfriend's/own birthday.

 8. Your pet name for your girlfriend is "Takhisis" (no offense to female readers).

 7. You think that that druid in the Rifts book would look better topless. (again, no offense to female players)

 6. You think that that druid in the Rifts book, with a few beers, could easily substitute for a real woman (again, no offense to female players).

 5. You own the official Rifts Dog Boy Water Pic (signed by Kevin Siembieda himself).

 4. You frequently make references to the "Prophet Gary Gygax" returning to rescue the true believers from the evil hordes of WotC.

 3. You've ever referred to an employee of a gaming company that you've never met in person on a first-name basis.

 2. You keep complaining about how Palladium's artwork has gone downhill since Kevin Long/Vince Martin/Wayne Breaux left/joined.

And the number one sign you might be obsessed with role-playing:

 1. You have the choice to either get to sleep in time to get up for that 8 o'clock class you have in the morning, or to stay up all night gaming because your GM just bought a new World Book, and... well, the decision is obvious.

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