Baux Symbiotic Worm

By: IsaFlame
Created: 1996
Posted to the PML: July 28, 1998 @ 19:25


This was originally done around 1996. It's based on the Anime (Baoh)

Baux Symbiotic Worm

Host Type: Most any non-M.D.C. Animal, Human or D-Bee.
Host Environment: Frontal lobe of the brain. The worm attaches to the brain and feeds off both the blood and elector-chemicals of the brain. Introduced into the host by artificial injection into the blood stream, by way it finds its way to the brain.
Reproduction: Asexual, unable to reproduce on its own. Artificially created/cloned.
Hit Points: Special! 4D6 S.D.C., immune to all attacks except fire.
Average Life Span: Without a host the worm lives 2D6 hours. In a host it will live for the duration of the host's lifetime.
Hit Points: The Baux worm has 2D4 S.D.C.

Notes of Powers:

The worm has an innate power of Sixth Sense and Empathy (with its host only) and it will trigger a metamorphosis of the host's body in reaction to any perceived danger, real or not. It takes only one melee action to complete the transformation. The metamorphosis grants its host powers as the worm matures in stages. Note: the powers listed are only applicable in the Baux state, unless otherwise noted. The host will transform back to normal 2 melees after the threat is past.

Egg Stage Level Transformation:

The host is considered to be at level zero in experience his O.C.C. temporarily frozen while the worm develops into its adult stage and he needs 2000 experience to reach the next level).

Larvae Stage Transformation:

The host is now considered to be at level one and uses the Psi-Stalker Experience Table to determine the maturity rate of the worm).

Pupae Stage

Experience level two

Adult Stage

Level three: the character at this point loses all the experience he earned to obtain this stage/level and resumes his O.C.C. as if uninterrupted

Vulnerabilities: The Baux worm and its host are extremely susceptible to fire, even S.D.C. fire can damage them (treat damage from S.D.C. fires as M.D., and M.D. fires do x3 damage).

Mute: The host is mute when transformed and cannot use radio communications or magic. Sign language and psionics are still possible.

Notes on Appearance: The host looks normal most of the time, save for the bluish abscess that develops where he was injected with the worm (this never goes away. While the worm is maturing the host's body will itch profusely and develop sores (most of which will go away when the worm is fully mature). The transformation of the host changes with each stage of the worm's growth. Egg stage: The host's eyes glow a solid, pupilless gold, and his hair acts like a halo of flame whipping about. Otherwise the host looks normal.

Larvae stage: The character's hands and feet have prominent talons (can't wear shoes when transformed, the shoes are destroyed when transforming). The hair is a minimum length of 12 inches long and takes on a slate blue color. The host otherwise looks normal.

Pupae Stage: The host's skin becomes dark blue with grey/black striping. The hair is now a minimum of 20 inches in length.

Adult Stage: Basically the same as the Pupae stage transformation, with the addition of the arm blades.

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