AIAC Nanotech System

By: Colin Cashman
Created: October 23, 1999


I originally wrote this as part of an attempt to provide an alternate space setting to Mutants In Orbit (one that made more sense). It never really got off the ground, but it did spawn some interesting ideas, most of which were never completed. So I'm posting this stuff for others to look at, modify, and feel free to use for their own games or to post back to the list. All I ask is that if you do distribute your modifications publicly, you at least acknowledge that I had some role in it. :)

AIAC Nanotech System: The AIAC system is an artificial intelligence broken down into millions of tiny pieces, and then injected into the body. Each piece, each nanite, contains a bit of information and programming. Separate, they're next to useless. Combined, they become a useful addition to the body. Perhaps the first commercial AI in either pre- or post-Rifts Earth, the AIAC is a virtual powerhouse. While not augmenting the user's physical strength and power, the system contributes to sensory processing, regulates body functions and condition, and can even provide some extra skills to the user. The functions are as listed below. The cost of the system is based upon the intelligence of the system, and the amount of skills the user would like (if any).

The AI is, of course, intelligent. In terms of categories, it would most likely fall under the title of Neural intelligence. It's not quite as complex as a standard NI, due to the seperation of pieces, but is beyond the aspects of a simple robot intelligent.

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