The XOwire System v2.0

By: Bryan Conlon
Created on: Nov. 26, 1999

After recent research showing heavy combat using the XOwire Full Conversion, or any XOwire system for that matter, causes severe mental trauma, inability to control muscles, and other nastiness (In game terms, roll up a new character, Ace, because you can stick a fork in that one). The company that created XOwire was destroyed. From the ashes, a small company called Verge Augmentation grabbed the technology up. They believed that it showed promise. They researched and researched, figureing that it was a nerve-based overload that killed the person. So, they toned down the XOwire system. Now, no more than TWO XOwire items of the same kind may be added and those new XOwires are at 1/8th of the original. XOwire is intended as a cheap form of augmentation allowing those who wish to keep their body whole (mages) or those who can't afford much to be able to fight other Augmented Humans.

Note : Juicers, Borgs, Bio-Borgs, Crazies, or any kind of Augmented Human cannot get XOwire. Even detoxed juicers. Creatures of Magic, Supernatural Creatures, and most D-Bees can't get XOwire Augmentation. GMs, I leave the decision up to you on which D-Bees can and can't

Strength Augmentation
+ 3 to P.S.
+ 1d4 to P.P.
Cost: 55,000 credits

Reflex Boost
+ 3 to P.P.
Cost: 70,000 credits.

Subdermal Cyberarmor
40 MDC, no A.R.
Cost: 70,000 credits. Can not be detected by conventional means.

Note : Due to problems with the technology, Verge Augmentation can not tone down Speed Boost. Right now, at least.

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