The XOwire System v1

By: Bryan Conlon
Created on: Nov. 25, 1999

XOwire is brand-new concept that use elements from MOM implants to boost physical attributes.

Basically, they can be added to anyone and everyone, though they tend to dull psi-powers a bit (-5% on duration).

Speed Boost
+ (10+1d4) to speed
+ 1d4 to P.P.
Cost: 500,000 credits. Up to 4 can be added. (yes, 40+4d4 to speed is possible)

Strength Boost
+ 4d6 to strength
Cost: 300,000 credits. Up to four can be added. At four, +4d6 to strength and strength goes supernatural

Reflex Boost
+ 5d6 to P.P.
Cost: 500,000 credits. The rage among 'Slingers in the New West. Only one can be added

Subdermal Cyberarmor
I know, it's not XOwire, but it allows for a person to become a M.D.C. creature.
M.D.C. : 45, no A.R.
Cost: 75,000 credits.

Bone Enhancement
Again, not XOwire, but it makes XOwire better. It lightens the bones while making them tougher.
One time + 2 bonus to all XOwire enhancements (e.g., Strength boost becomes 4d6+2)
Cost: 1.5 Million credits.

Full XOwire Enhancement
Everything mentioned here
+ (40+4d4)+2 to speed
+ 4d6+2 strength and strength becomes supernatural
+ 5d6+2 to P.P.
+ 20 M.D.C
Cost: 2.4 Million credits.
No new O.C.C. needed.

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