QI-MM 12.4 Wet Ware Memory Manager

Created on: June 9, 1998

The installation of the system involves a complex operation that connects the system to the individual's brain, optic nerve and ear canal, so that any information the individual is exposed to can be routed through the memory manager and stored for later recall. If the individual wishes, the system can also be connected to a head jack to allow for direct upload and download of information from and to computer systems. A slightly less expensive operation involves connecting the Memory Manager to the head jack but not to the eyes or ears, this allows transfer to and from computer systems but does not allow the individual access to any of the information stored in his/her brain, essentially making them a walking computer hard drive, all they need to access the information is a computer. This is a more desirable set up for some people who wish data to be transferred without their courier knowing what he/she is carrying, by including the information they can make it so that only someone with a decryption sequence can access the information stored in the person's head!

Additionally, if the Memory Manager system is attached to a head jack unit, then it is possible to upload and use skills that the character does not know. Each new skill can be added at any percentage the character desires from 5% to 98%. The implanted skills require more memory than learned skills. Every 5% added to a skill takes up 1 gigabyte of memory space, so to learn a skill at 98% would require 20 gigs of memory space. Skills can only be uploaded at your authorized QI outlet, and you must have the optic and ear attachments in order to access and use the skills.

The Memory Manager is available in many sizes (storage capacities) following is a list of their capacities and costs (cost is for the system only, installation costs extra, see below).

Skills cost 500 credits per 5% of proficiency.

Note that it is possible to load more than the maximum capacity into your brain. Doing this is extremely dangerous and can cause severe brain damage or death if taken to the extreme. Every 5 terabytes over the system's maximum storage capacity yields a 10% chance of suffering permanent brain damage every hour the system is overloaded! If the percentage ever reaches more than 80% then there is a 20% chance of death every hour! Each time the system causes brain damage the individual's IQ will drop by one and their skill percentages will be dropped by 5%, and you will lose 5 terabytes of memory space due to tissue damage, this damage is permanent and unrepairable! Normally these systems have built in safety locks that do not allow the brain to be overloaded under any circumstances, for 10,000 credits, this safety lock can be removed, but this voids the warranty and any and all guarantees that would normally accompany this system!

The operation to install these systems is an intense one that requires very skilled cyberdocs to perform, Quark Industries employs many of the most skilled surgeons in the world, thus ensuring an extremely low incident rate (only 1% of operations ever develop incidents), the cost of the operation is somewhat high and it varies according to the connections made in the brain, but it is said that you get what you pay for!

Installation with eye and ear connections with no head jack: 90,000 credits
Installation with eye, ear, and head jack connections: 105,000 credits
Installation with head jack connection only: 84,000 credits

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