Visual Enhancement Implant

By: Chris Alatorre
Created on: April 15, 1998

The implant is placed around the eye and connects, to a microprocessor on the inside of the skull which processes the data from your visual synapses and then enhances the image by magnifying when needed (100x magnification possible), adding light decreasing it and clarifying any problems. Then the microprocessor sends the info back to the implant, which then shines a type of holographic image on to the eye showing the person the new clarified image. The whole process takes so little time that there is no visual delay.

Bounces: The character can see in almost no light. The characters can magnify in on an are by simply thinking about it, thanks to a new Nero interface devise, (100x-magnification possible.)

Cost: 65,000 credits

Extras: For 5,000 more credits the character is given a laser imaging, video transceiver devise which looks similar to a gun scope. The scope sends information (on what it sees and where it's pointed) to the implant. The result is a cross hair in your line of site were your scope is pointed giving a +2 to strike when your gun is in your line of view.

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