Quick Draw Reflex Enhancement

By: Author Unknown

This system is designed to allow a person to "quick draw" a speciffic weapon from a speciffic spot, and fire it in the same attack. The system is essentially a preprogrammed set of movements that are hardwired onto a computer chip that is implanted in the skull, when the chip is activated by a thought, it initiates the programmed action and carries it out without any further thought from the person. Because the action requires no thought at all (aside from the thought that starts the process) it can be performed much more quickly than if the person was moving through the paces of the motion him/herself. The end result of this augmentation is that the character can draw and fire/use a weapon in one attack, they get no bonuses to do so, but no penalties either, just a straight die roll. The system works for one weapon, in one speciffic location, ie: a pistol in a holster on the right hip, or a sword in a scabbard on the back. If you want to be able to "quick draw" more than one weapon the chip must be incoded for each one seperatly, a chip will hold up to 10 "quick draw reflexes," and only one chip may be installed in any one character, more may cause a fatal biofeedbaclk loop (1-93% chance of doing 6D6 H.P. directly to the person's brain tissue, if they survive they will be effectivly lobotomized (a drueling vegetable)).

Cost: of chip w/one reflex: 5,000 credits
of additional reflexes: 1,500 credits each
of installation: 5,000 credits

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