Organic Nano-Repair System

By: Author Unknown

This system is identical to the Nano-Repair System with the exception that this system is designed to repair organic, living beings rather than inorganic armor and equipment. The controll system for the organic model is usually installed in the belly area, around the appendix, or if you allready have a COP system installed, it can be programed to be the controlling unit for the Nano-Robots.

The Organic Nano-repair System can repair up to 5 H.P. or 10 S.D.C. per melee! Unfortunatly, due to the supernatural nature of their bodies, this system can not be used on M.D.C. individuals.

The Organic Nono-Repair System costs 110,000 credits plus 1,000 credits to install with its own controller, or 500 credits to make an existing COP system double as the controller.

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