Borg Stimulus Upgrades

By: The baron Sagrimi
Created on: November 10, 1998

As you can imagine most Full Conversion Borgs find the loss of certain parts of their anatomy particularly depressing. Often they search for pleasure in other ways.

One option involves frequently upgrading their borg body (YESSSS A NEW GAMMA DESTROYER IN MY ARM YEAAAS) and/or selecting a real good looking Cyber Doctor for this operation (Ahh, Tanya no other cyber doctor is as you are for me). But these methods often drive them to madness. We have developed some accessories to answer that problem.

M.P.S also called Orgasmatic
Is a cyber attachment that connect itself to pleasure center of the brain and active it. The effect is incredible with a click you can feel directly in your mind an equivalent of 10,000 orgasms a second.
Note: Hard risk of addiction you can desire to use it forever.
Cost: 1,570 credits, illegal the price can be subject to variation.

Cyber sexual organs:
The name says it all. You can also decide the type (male or female). The form (like a splutorgh???) the color, etc. It is connected to the pleasure center in the same way of M.P.S (you can decide if you feel it or not).
Cost: 20,600 plus 1,000 if made retractable plus 2,000 if you mount a small weapon on it (????)

Sensible cybernetics breasts (Chromed breasts):
These breasts are made of advanced cyber fiber that allows the borg to control their density hard steel or soft as human flesh. They can be connected to brain as said above. You can also decide dimensions. Note that they still look metallic.
Cost: 25,000 credits plus 1,000 if you mount a weapon on it (I've advised you don't touch -said the female looking cyborg to the fawning man at her feet).

Virtual encounter:
This is the most preferred cyber system. Because is the most similar to the real sensation. It allows a cyborg to connect via a cable link with another cyborg, or with a especially designed program and live a real session of the Virtual-uh-experience.
Cost: 200,500 credits; however, its the best experience a borg will ever get.

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