Fifth Imperium Standard Biotechnic Enhancement Package

By: Russ

In the early part of the 21st century, humanity discovered it's past. Humans were once part of a great galactic empire, before it was destroyed by invading enemies. Now the Imperium has been reborn, stronger, expanding throughout known space.

O.K., this time I'm actually doing something other than anime. This is based off the David Weber "Mutineer's Moon" series. At that time, virtually everyone is boosted with at least some degree of cyberware, so I tried to write up the Imperium cyberware package. The stuff listed will be the standard military/officer package. Viable O.C.C.s to go with this package would include CS officers, New Navy, Space Marines, etc. This is just the cyberpackage - not the class

Cybernetics/Biotechnic Enhancements

  1. Neural Interface Suite: The neural interface suite includes several systems:
    1. Fold-space comlink: Communications array with a 40 Light-minute range. Multi-channel capable (Character can operate/understand 1 channel per 4 IQ, otherwise gets too confusing).
    2. Scrambler/Descrambler: There is an integrated scrambler/descrambler system to protect messages sent via comlink. This system can also be used to descramble enemy transmisions. Gives effective radio: scrambler and cryptography skill at 90%.
    3. Neural Feeds: Allows access of computers/equipment (must be neural feed capable) via radiopathic communication/operation (I.E. direct neural link to equipment - wireless headjack). Range: 5 meters. The neural feed can be tied into the fold-space comlink to greatly increase its range.
    4. Vehicle Interface system: This allows the character to link with a vehicle or power armor suit and become much more effective. The character gains +10% to piloting, +4 to roll with impact, +2 to initiative, +1 S/P/D, +1 attack. This is only capable with neural feed capable equipment (the vehicle is reacting a thought speed, sensor data goes direct to brain, etc).
    5. Data-recorder: Can record up to 60 hours of visual/3 months of audio feed from sensory package, or via interfaced equipment.
    6. Computer: The neural suite also includes a micro-computer. This computer can interface with other computers via neural feed/fold-space link, or be used to carry datafiles. If the character carries skill datafiles (mechanical engineer, etc), the character can tap the computer for an effective skill level of 35% with that skill, or +15% if the character already has the skill (the computer is talking the consultant through the use of the skill).
    7. Language Translator: Capable of holding 28 separate languages, with 5 dialects per language.
  2. Sensory Suite Enhancement: This is a general package of sensory boosts as well as cybernetic augments that give the character effectively additional senses.
    Optical Enhancements:
    • Multispectrum Capability: The eye has been modified to see a wider range of the EM spectrum. The character can now see from ultraviolet to infrared in the spectrum (gives the character UV sight and thermo-imaging capability). Range: 1.5 km.
      Magnification: 2,000x capability. Range 5 m.
      Telescopic: 500x magnification: Range 5 km,
      Polarized vision/Glare compensation
    Olfactory/Taste Enhancements:
    • Enhanced smell: Capable of tracking by scent 35% +3% per level. Capable of separating and distinguishing thousands of individual scents. Can recognize scents 75%. Range: 250 meters.
    • Taste: Can determine chemical structure/presence of foreign molecules with a taste. 90% accuracy.
    Tactile Enhancements:
    • Enhanced touch: Capable of determining 10 micron differences in surfaces. When skin is 85% uncovered, behaves as a motion sensor, with a range of 30 meters.
    Auditory Enhancements:
    • Sound filtration: Allows the character to selectively filter out sounds. For example, the character is at a party and wishes to hear one conversation. They can filter out all the others, so they just hear that conversation.
    • Hearing Amplification: +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, +2 to initiative. Range: 500 ft to hear a normal conversation.
    • Sound Dampers: Kick in to stop damaging sounds from affecting the character. Sonic attacks are reduced by 2d6 S.D.C.
    • Ultra-high/ultra-low frequency: Allow the character to hear sound from 0.5 hz to 50,000 hz (normal human is ~50-20,000 hz).
    • Balance augments: The inner ear is literally replaced with a gyroscope. Increases P.P. by +1, +10% to gymnastics, acrobatics, +6 to keep balance, always knows directions and up and down: 98%.
    Additional Senses:
    • EM Field Sensors: Can detect the presence of electromagnetic fields. Active equipment emits a much greater field than passive equipment. The charactercan detect active equipment within a 100 meter radius, passive equipment within a5 meter radius.
    • Gravatic Sensors: Capable of detecting gravatic anomalies or equipment that uses gravatic technology (fold-space links). This includes Phase Worldgravity tech, dimensional pockets, Rifts, etc. Range is 500 meters for technology, variable for magical effects (I view Rift as detectable from miles away, but the character might have to be holding the D-pocket to detect it). I also can't find the section in Phase World where it talks about gravatic sensors - when I do, this might undergo modification. The character can also use the gravatic sensors as a form of presence sense (detection of changing gravity fields by moving masses within short range). Range for this would be 10 meters.
  3. Musculoskeletal Enhancements:
    • Skeletal Reinforcement: The characters bone's are overlayed with battle steel appliques. This makes then much tougher than before, but not unbreakable. This gives the character +50 S.D.C., and a robotic strength of 30 or supernatural P.S. of 18 is needed to break the bones.
    • Strength Enhancement: Micron thin actuators are woven throughout the character's muscles and anchored to their bones. These cybernetic augments boost the character's strength tremendously. The characters P.S. increases by +6 and becomes cybernetic. The muscles are also tougher, giving the character an additional +30 S.D.C.
  4. Immune System Enhancements:
    • General Enhancement: This boosts the effectiveness of the entire immune system by immunizations, vaccines, implantation of scavengers in the blood stream, and so on. This gives the character a +8 to save vs disease and with the other enhancements, a +25% to save vs coma/death. A +10 to save vsforeign drugs that are injected and even then they have only one half the normal effect.
    • Enhanced Healing: The character has been treated with drugs and has several implants that boost their healing rate. The character Heals at 4x normal human healing. Bleeding wounds will seal with 1d4 melee rounds, unless thecharacter is less than one quarter normal H.P./S.D.C. (the damage is too great -implants have been destroyed).
    • Increased Life-Span: The character, baring accident, ages 1 year for every 8 giving them an effective life span of 600 years.
  5. Nervous System Enhancements:
    • Speed Augments: Implantation of signal boosters, nerve modification to increase speed, and links to the neural computer all add up to increase the character's reaction speed. The character gains +4 P.P., +1 attack, + 2 to strike, +3 to dodge, +3 to parry, and +1 to initiative.
    • Pain Sensors: The character can shut down their pain receptors/override them to some extent. The character takes only one half the normal penalties from pain.
  6. Digestive System Enhancements: The character can now extract more from food and survive on less palatable choices for limited times. The character can maintain peak capacity on half the normal food intake for 2 months before problems, or 1d4+1 weeks on one fourth the normal food intake. The character can also survive on food sources such as cellulose, rotted foods, and the like for up to P.E. days before problems. The enhanced digestive system also works well vs ingested poisons/drugs, giving the character a +4 to save vs such chemicals.
  7. Cardiopulmonary Enhancements: The total effect of the cardiopulmonary enhancement is to boost the character's P.E. by 2 and they can operate 10x longer than a normal human before fatique.
    • Cardiac Boost: The heart is also strengthened via muscle augments, giving the character much greater endurance when combined with the other augments. The major blood vessels are lined with reinforced polymers that have self-seal capacity.
    • Pulmonary Boost: The lungs have been enhanced for more efficient oxygen extraction. The enhancement is enough to allow the character to breath water for a limited duration (20 hours). Also, a series of filters are placed within the lungs to extract hazardous gases, particles, dangerous viruses, and bacteria that the character has inhaled. The system is 95% efficient.
  8. Additional Enhancements:
    • Skin Strengthening: Nanites bond various polymers to the skin, greatly increasing it's toughness. This gives the character an additional +60 to S.D.C.
    • Oxygen Reservoir: This is a cybernetic module implanted in the abdomen. This gives the character the capability to survive without breathing for up to 5 hours. This does NOT give the character the capability to go into space or into corrosive atmospheres without protection - they just don't need an oxygen pack with them.

Bonuses (Total): + 2 P.E., +5 P.P., +6 P.S., +6 to maintain balance, +2 to strike, +4 parry, +5 dodge, +3 initiative, +8 vs disease, +10 vs drugs, +140 S.D.C.

Hand to Hand Attacks: As skill +1 attack


Normal man has ~20-30 HP/SDC. Well trained enhanced fighter would have ~80-100 HP/SDC from skills, +140 from augments, giving a total of 220-240 HP/SDC. Mutineer's Moon p.49 "you therefore confront one of the mutineers...capable of absorbing 11 times the damage your own body will accept."

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