Admantex Musculature

By: Edward Paul

With the installation of a chemically inert, but physically durable fiber developed by AI, Admantex (a fluorinated polymer similar to Gortex®), to your existing musculature, the body becomes superhumanly augmented. The Admantex that is braided into the existing musculature enables the body to become faster, stronger, and tougher! Because this enhancement is a bio-system, it is nearly impossible to detect!

Admantex Musculature is an advanced Bio-Systems technique, it is not cybernetics or bionics. There are currently five levels of enhancement. Lower levels of enhancement can be upgraded. Downgrading enhancement is not possible, but the complete removal is. Upgrading costs the difference in the two levels' prices. Removal costs half the level of enhancement cost.

Bonuses for each level of Admantex Musculature:
Level P.S. Spd. Initiative S.D.C. Cost
One +2 +3 +1 +15 60,000
Two +4 +6 +2 +30 120,000
Three +6 +9 +3 +45 180,000
Four +8 +12 +4 +60 240,000
Five +10 +15 +5 +75 300,000

Note: Admantex Musculature is not available to M.D.C. beings. M.D.C. muscle fibers are tougher than the Admantex fibers, so there is no bonus for their installation. If a Admantex recipient is later transformed into a M.D.C. being, the bonuses of the augmentation is negated.

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